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Supercharge your travel agency business by enabling real-time online bookings with our cloud-ready SaaS travel agency software. Digitalise, automate and optimise the customer booking journey with our next-generation technology and provide a seamless workflow for your agents.  

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By utilising state-of-the-art web design principles to optimise the web journey of B2B and B2C users, TravelBooker travel agency software is empowering some of the leading global brands in the travel and tourism arena. We power millions of bookings and facilitate concurrent users across multiple regions to service travellers across the world via our unified booking and fulfilment platform, TravelBooker.

B2B, B2C & Corporate Solutions 

With our travel agency software, CodeGen offers a full product suite to facilitate B2B, B2C and B2E (corporate) travel agency operations via the TravelBooker all-in-one technology platform. In addition, our B2B partners can enable additional features of B2C and the corporate booking tool on request at a supplementary fee. Make your products available to your customers online and scale as you grow with us.

Full Product Management

TravelBooker travel agency software offers an end-to-end product management solution that includes flights, hotels, activities, transfers, car hires, insurance, and manual item flows. Manage rates, rules for prioritisation, aggregation, pricing, discounts, and promotions in real-time and let our inbuilt caching technology manage high volumes of search results intelligently.

Centralised Admin & Servicing

Our travel agency software provides a centralised, user-friendly interface to manage and set up business rules, theming and reporting with user-level access management to fit your business objectives. Quote and booking management, shopping cart amendments are all powered by a complete servicing module that enables agents to convert, amend, pay, or cancel bookings instantly. Each booking is structured as a super PNR where servicing can be applied to the entire booking, package, or an individual component level.

Direct Connectivity to Third-Party Connectors

You can connect to our library of Host-to-Host (H2H) connections via the TravelBooker travel agency software platform (the travel agency must obtain respective client accounts). Then, activate the required connections, including Flights via GDS, LCC, flight aggregators, hotels, transfers, activities, car hires, insurance, and ancillary services. With TravelBooker, agents can also add externally sourced manual items without a hassle.  We facilitate any third-party integration depending on the requirement of the travel agency.

Manage Multiple Brands with White Labelling

TravelBooker travel agency software can be easily configured to adapt to your local marketplace covering legalities such as taxation, invoicing, and payment terms, theming and much more.  Multilingual and multi-currency enabled (buy and sell in any currency), documentation templates can be easily themed and configured for your business and brand needs. This will enable travel agents to extend the TravelBooker platform to external agents to source inventory seamlessly and in real-time.

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Support & Hosting 

TravelBooker travel agency software is offered as a SaaS product, thereby taking care of all your hosting needs at no additional cost. We provide 24-7-365 support for your business operations, including online interactive help, a chat assistant and a helpdesk. In addition, all our partners will have access to the most recent updates and new community features released in line with our product roadmap. 

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TravelBooker B2B
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TravelBooker B2B
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