TravelBooker Products

Your operational teams no longer need to master new systems nor spend time setting up. TravelBooker enables travel businesses to focus on human aspects and free up agents to engage with customers more effectively. Choose the product that fits your business operation and never miss a sale.

We take care of all your hosting needs and utilise secure cloud platforms to enable high availability. With TravelBooker we offer product loading services for quick onboarding and management.

Access more products through a wide choice of third party connectivity plus your own inventory. You can connect to our library of Host-to-Host (H2H) connections via the TravelBooker platform (the business must obtain respective client accounts). Then, activate the required connections, including Flights via GDS, LCC, flight aggregators, hotels, transfers, activities, car hire, insurance, and ancillary services. With TravelBooker, agents can also manually add any externally sourced items, ensuring all booked products remain centralised.

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TravelBooker B2B

All-in-One Booking & Fulfillment Platform.
Admin Portal

A centralised and intuitive portal that simplifies the management and setting up of business rules, theming and reporting to fit the business objectives.

B2B Dashboard

The agent dashboard enables the user to track and monitor real-time data and reports to enhance operational efficiencies and decision making.

Theming & White Labelling

All documents and related templates can be easily themed and configured to your business and brand needs on demand.

Comprehensive Booking Flows

Enable agents to search and book while cross-selling other shopping cart items and ancillaries to increase yield. Easily manage rates, rules based on prioritisation, aggregation, pricing, discounts, and promotions in real-time.


TravelBooker B2C

Elevate the Online Customer Booking Journey.
Booking Engine

Simplify and streamline search and book flows for progressive, personalised B2C customer experiences thereby increasing shopping cart value.

Manage My Booking

An intuitive and centralised interface for customers to keep track and manage bookings in real-time.

Theming & White Labelling

All documents and related templates can be easily themed and configured to your business and brand needs on demand.


TravelBooker Corporate

Empowering Travel Managers & Travellers
Admin Portal

Offer and manage a well run corporate travel operation with the best set of tools and resources to digitalise and automate tasks intuitively.

Traveller Web

Enable policy based travel results and simplify servicing and management of corporate clients or travellers depending on their needs.

Traveller Mobile App

Offer everything your customers require to manage their travel needs whilst staying connected throughout their journey, enabling personalised, always on - on the go experiences.