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With TravelBooker, our latest travel technology product, we are enabling travel companies to optimise operations whilst achieving sustainable and quantifiable growth. TravelBooker travel booking software is powered by CodeGen. We are travel technology specialists driven to optimise the user experience through intuitive and intelligent technology. We power some of the largest blue-chip companies in the travel and tourism sector with our flagship travel software TravelBox™

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Highly-skilled software engineers and data scientists design our award-winning traveltech. 


Over two decades of experience in working with some of the largest travel and tourism brands.


We run over £7 billion transactions via our flagship travel software TravelBox™. 


Our travel technology facilitates millions of passengers worldwide. 

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With over 20 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry, we understand your needs and are ready to digitalise, automate and help you grow your travel agency business with our next-generation travel agency software, TravelBooker.

Customer Stories

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“The travel industry is transforming rapidly, now even more with the change in market dynamics due to the pandemic. As an organisation we have always been at the forefront of technology and launching a fully integrated travel platform was a vital goal. We believe that TravelBooker will truly position Classic Travel as a one-stop travel retailer giving us a great sustainable competitive advantage. Our aim is to focus on our consolidation journey in continuing to advance our market leadership in the travel and tourism sector by offering value and convenience to our customers. Customer experience is our single most important focus.CodeGen’s end-to-end fully connected travel technology platform will enable Classic Travel to offer differentiated travel products and make products available to any of our partners in real-time. We believe that CodeGen is a global industry leader in travel technology with very strong domain expertise, making our transformation journey more effective and efficient.”
Virgin Holidays
Senior Technology Manager
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Flight Centre
Chief Operating Officer
There’s a saying that in a healthy body, you should not feel your heart beating. That’s how I see systems today, with CodeGen.  My sales and operational teams don’t realize there’s a system running, because it all runs smoothly. That confidence is priceless.”
Desert Adventures
Chief Operating Officer
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